Wild & Coco
2018 - ongoing
Soul Bowl
Case study coming soon
Cool Flowers
2018 - ongoing
Concept created for Kati Forner
Case study coming soon
Robin Parr

alishu & co is an independent design practise by
Alina Shu. In other words - I'm Alina, pleasure to
meet you.

I do visual identities.

What can I help you with? The whole branding package - from naming through positioning to the visuals and roll out. Up till the celebratory drinks upon successful launch.

Ready to roll? Do get in touch. And if in doubt - let's start with a consultation.

Have you ever met a Moscow-born, Prague-raised, Melbourne-based graphic designer? Well, now you have.

I’m Alina, pleasure to meet you. I do brand identities.

Consultation - Branding - Packaging Design - Web Design - Art Direction

Yep, you guessed it – I'm all about designing brand identities. Yours can be next.

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