alishu & co is an independent design practise by Alina Shupikov focusing on visual identities. In collaboration with fellow creatives, I can help you create the best new looks for your brand - no matter how big or small.
With background from Moscow, Prague & Melbourne, I strongly believe in looking for inspiration worldwide - and then adjusting it to the context of the place or a project.

I have helped brands from Russia, Czechia, Germany, Spain, UK, Norway, Finland, Netherlands, USA, Canada & Australia come to life.


Visual Identity
Packaging Design
Publication Design
Art Direction
Creative Direction


How long will it take to have my visual identity done?
From the moment the work begins, the time span for a smaller branding project is usually around 2 months, whereas major brand or rebrand projects can last for longer.
When can you start working on my project?
As soon as I actually can! I'm usually booked out for the upcoming month or two, so it's a good idea to plan your project sooner than later. However please do reach out in any case and let's what can be done.
Do you do only logos?
Short answer - no.

Longer version - I enjoy creating concepts. Visual identity is about creating an overall image for your brand, creating the visual for the world it inhabits. Just the same way a person is complex and changing just a hat won't change who they are or how they are perceived - having a next mark for the brand won't change it either.
Where is the price list?
Please do reach out with project details and I will send you a proposal.
How do I know if you are a good designer for me?
If you have not already, have a look at the projects section. If you like what you see, chances are we will be a good match. My personal passions revolve around art, psychology, spirituality, education and non-profit. So projects in any of those spheres will be especially well matched - but I am happy to learn about new areas as well.
But I thought you were a painter.
Well, you are not utterly mistaken. Abstract painting is indeed my passion, I do exhibit from time to time and even create commissioned work. You can check out my latest body of work here (currently on display in Melbourne). If you are a gallerist and want to suggest I had a residency / exhibition at your gallery, I love you, the answer is yes and please let me know when and where. But I am generally happy to hear from anyone - be it fellow artists, customers or Santa Klaus.
Do you speak only English?
Not at all! While it is my preferred business language, Russian and Czech are also on the menu.


Get in touch at with your project details - and let's chat!