Limited collection of 30 works for 30 years of life.
“Sand forms when rocks gradually break down. Often starting thousands of kilometers from the ocean they travel through rivers, slowly dissolving - until one day, they become grains of sand.”

Immigrant Soul is a collection of works created over the lockdown year, exploring roots and origins, the notion of travelling without movement. Each painting contains sand that has been collected at a specific location around the world, covering the whole globe and all continents from Australia to Canada. 

Exploring the notion of places and belonging, emotional states and contemplation.
Bio & the story
My name is Alina Shupikov and I am a professional graphic designer and abstract painter. 

Coming from a family with Russian and Jewish roots, I have moved to Czechia with my parents in the early 90s and growing up in between two cultures has shaped the major part of my identity. I have always felt temporary in Prague, despite having lived in the city for over two decades. As a child I always perceived Russia as home, with yearly summer and winter trips to the relatives. These were the “going home” moments that faded away with age and more ties in a place where I lived and studied most of the year, but have still left me with a feeling of lacking an actual home and an impulse that I must travel to find some place of belonging.

Three years ago I finally left Prague for Australia, followed by more  travels through Asia and Canada. With this journey abruptly stopped by the COVID situation, I found myself again in Prague, feeling stranded for an unknown period of time - and decided to make the journey happen at least on canvas, incorporating sands from all the places around the world. It is a reflection of how the mind searches for just that one safe space - but keeps getting lost in the multitude of options. 

Art has always been my form of emotional expression, a way to escape to the perhaps imaginary worlds where the language spoken is universal and purely abstract. Immigrant Soul combines this emotional tumult with a narrative of a journey around globe. 

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Purchasing, viewing & shipping
Some from this collection are available to be purchased through Ones Concept Store and some through me. Email at to inquire.

I am also taking comissions. To request a custom work, please email me at with your idea.

Thank you
This body of work and dreams of travels would have not been possible if not for everyone willing to send grains of sand from all around the world. Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who participated.

Ksenia Galtsova
Bulut Gok
Helena Nehasilová
Amanda Bethel
Belle Doolan
Laura Castro
Ieva Ozolo
Diana Weinfurtová
Hamza Ajili
Filip Malypetr
Jan Valuch
David Vacek
Magdalena Pecnikova