“Hi, we have this brand that is completely crazy and we don’t like that anymore. Could you come to our favourite yoga studio with us? We want to explain the vibe we are after.”

This above is in the core of the rebrand for a range of coconut product under the name of Wild & Coco. I came up with a concept of zen garden - the place of harmony where products exist and to which customer is invited.

While the packaging itself is based on modern typographical layout and elevating gold accents, wilderness is communicated through usage of greenery and leaf shadows as if cast by sunlight. This allows for fresh and lively digital communication - and for the events actual greenery is used.

From tropical 3D visualisations to product photography, the idea of bright sun light seeps through all the visuals.

Wild & Coco

Wild & Coco
2018 – ongoing
Project Scope
Visual Identity
Art Direction
Web Design


Creative & Art Direction
Alina Shupikov
Visual Identity, Packaging & Web Design
Alina Shupikov
Alina Shupikov
Anna Belousova
3D Renders
Pavel Gubin
Puf Studio
UX Design
David Stefanides
Special thanks
Andreea Bora

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