Earthy, warm hues. Layered, rough, grainy texture. Metallic shine. Full and detailed, yet peaceful. Never still. Seeking beauty in the messiness. Calm within energy.

RED SOIL is a small body of works by Alina Shupikov deeply inspired by the rough beauty of Australian nature. By crumbling, lushly coloured rocks that emerged from the moments ago on the time of the Earth. By wind stricken, moss covered rocks deep in the country.
Slowly, thoughtfully created over the course of a year & bonded together by materials and colors, these works can be viewed as a singular body of work - or in their own right.
All paintings are framed in beautiful natural leather, that will develop a unique patina over time. Ocean sand collected at Cape Schanck and other beaches on Victorian coastline has been added to the oil paints, to symbolically bring a grain of nature into the paintings.
Purchasing & shipping
Paintings are now available for viewing and purchase at Revolver Lane coworking space, 231 Chapel Street, Prahran, Melbourne.

Unfortunately shipping is not available for this collection. To purchase a painting, visit Revolver Lane or get in touch at Comissions are now open from January 2020.
About the author
Alina Shupikov runs an independent graphic design practise and creates richly textured abstract paintings as a refuge from the increasingly digital world. With reflective surfaces, matte textures and untypical round shapes, her works are a tribute to tactile.

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